iPhone zurücksetzen: Zurück zur Werkseinstellung


Not only before the sale, you should reset your iPhone, even with software problems, it may be worthwhile to bring the iPhone to factory state.

There are several ways to reset an iPhone running iOS 7 to factory settings. Here you can choose whether you only reset the settings or even the data want.

The tips that you’ll find here also work on your iPad with iOS 7. We recommend, before resetting a your data back-up to do. For this you use simple iCloud or iTunes on your Mac or PC.

iPhone Reset: So you find the setting

About the menu item „Reset“ you are offered six different ways to make reset settings and data on your iPhone. To get to this menu item, you need under „Select and then to the lowest point“ tap Reset „“ Settings „“ General.

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iPhone Reset: Clear all data

Unabhänigig of whether you want to sell your iPhone to acquaintances or on eBay, you should make sure that all data and settings will be deleted. Often smartphones sold with sensitive data such as private photos on the Internet. To protect your personal data against abuse, you should reset your iPhone. For this purpose you are using Point Clear „Content and Settings“. For security reasons, you must first confirm that you „delete iPhone“ your wish and need to specify your lock code. Then the iPhone will turn off and erases all data.

Following can be the iPhone reauthorize.

Tip: To delete your data secure, you should set a code and disable iMessage. Only then your data will be encrypted and can not be recovered.

Resetting all settings when software problems

If your iPhone problems with the software have, you need not always go or return the phone for repair in an Apple Store. In many cases, it may be worth initially, only the reset settings of the iOS device to factory state. This helps to solve the problem in many cases. Similarly, if you have yet to send in your iPhone or iPad, you should delete all the data anyway.

To reset all settings on your iPhone, you simply click on the „All Settings“.

iPhone Reset: Network Settings

The ability to reset the „Network Settings“ on your iPhone or iPad, you can help with the wireless problems. You should use this function for example, if your iPhone no longer connects to the wireless network at your home or office. Then you need to enter but all wireless passwords again.

iPhone Reset: Keyboard, home screen and Privacy

Besides the three above options offers you iOS the possibility the „keyboard dictionary“, the „home screen“ and the „Location & Data“ reset settings.

The point „keyboard dictionary“ deletes all stored words from you, on which the predictions when entering text based on your iPhone or iPad. It can therefore be worthwhile to reset the keyboard dictionary to factory settings, if you iPhone have so far been used professionally and it is now used privately want.

About the „home screen“ you put the arrangement of your apps back on your homescreen to factory state. This means that even folders are resolved and the apps that you’ve downloaded from the App Store, are sorted alphabetically from the second page.
This feature is useful if you lost track of your apps and folders and your homescreen new want to sort.

Once you’ve downloaded an app from the app store, you’ll often be asked if you this assign App certain rights like. These might include your site or access to your photos. Unfortunately, it can happen that you lose track and no longer know which app has what rights. The easiest way however is to reset the „Location & Privacy“ settings and then assign each app at start again access rights to data and location.

Reset iPhone on Mac or PC

Important: Before you can reset your iPhone via iTunes, you need to  disable „Find My iPhone“ feature. For this you go to Settings and choose iCloud.
In addition,  the latest iOS version automatically installed.

Besides the possibility to reset the iPhone on the settings, it is also under iTunes on a PC or Mac an option with which you can reset your iPhone. However, you can only delete all the data here.
To use this feature, you choose your iPhone from the iTunes device list and clicking in the overview on iPhone restore.


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